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Quickly Gain Usable Acreage!

We offer aggressive limb removal on trees that encroach your fields....

On average you can gain 15 to 20 feet of plantable area, to then turn into usable acreage.

Not scratching your farm equipment is an added bonus! And as a farmer I know the irritation of having your mirrors pushed in when farming close to the trees.

We limb your trees with precision using a large 3 blade saw. This makes for a nice finished job, unlike using an excavator to knock and tear limbs off.

Our price of $1,495 for up to 8 hours of work is the best price around. We can cover 100 acres in this time frame.

Contact us to book your fields when your crops are off, in the cold weather. This makes it easier for us to remove tree limbs without affecting your day to day farming.

Book with us today - there is a limited window of opportunity for cutting.